Corporate & Philosophy


FRENCH KISS is the result of an evolution process started in the 90’s. From a multibrand clothing distribution company we created a lively and independent brand, able to meet the needs of the ever-changing fashion market. Our experienced and motivated team is constantly engaged in tracking down the best fashion trends and pushing them into the right selling channels in just a couple of weeks.

We strongly believe in our company and we always strive to motivate all those partners who help us grow day by day. We believe in our staff because they are the core of our development: all the people we work with boost us to improve, by mutual collaboration, efficiency and great creativity. People are what we value the most. Our goal is to create a solid company which is able to become a reference point both for our staff and for our customers.

We want to build a trust relationship with customers. They help us to improve our performance, to give a meaning to our dream, to face the challenges of the modern fashion market.

Moving forward our goal is growing more and more by meeting the needs of our young and expert clients, by making FRENCH KISS brand a milestone in the fashion industry.


An expert and motivated team, constantly working for the company growth, with a special focus on customers and business partners.


Keeping the same enthusiasm in creating cutting-edge style for our clients by devoting our time and energy to quality, creativity and all the small details that make the difference.


To create a solid company and a trust relationship with our partners, who motivate us to do our best every day.


The core FRENCH KISS philosophy is a winning mix of elegance and dynamism, a stylish proposal conceived for the modern woman, sophisticated yet provocative, ready to catch the new trends. Our collections include a wide range of proposals: clothing, footwear, accessories. Everything is designed with attention to detail and quality. We are committed to understanding the wishes and desires of our woman: independent, confident, strong, charming, dynamic and never predictable. A woman like this wants to be perfect in every detail. That’s what we are here for. We want to amaze our customers, foresee trends, create unique and creative collections.

Our brand style is suitable for any occasion and budget friendly. Our stores, with their elegant and modern lines, are designed to make you feel comfortable and free to experiment with fashion. Our clients differ in age or location, but all of them are unconventional, original and look for a unique, fresh, cutting-edge style.

We know a woman’s world is multicolor and we draw inspiration from its shades to perform at our best and create perfect attire for any woman.